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Council’s Tower Sibiu, The Firebird melts the hearts


A number of Romanian and foreign foundations and organizations took 100 young people from all social environments, taught them how to dance, how to be united, supported them for a few weeks and staged a performance that amazed over 1.000 people in the audience, in Bucharest.

Among these 100 young people, 15 are from Sibiu. They come from Onisifor Ghibu High-school and the Gulliver Shelter. Two of them are so talented that they received the leading parts of the show. “Why wouldn’t they be good? It’s normal, it’s natural for every human being to wish to be good, to be beautiful, to succeed!” choreographer Josef Eder said about them. “It doesn’t matter that the children are from Romania, Bulgaria or Luxembourg”, he added.

“We chose Sibiu for the second performance of The Firebird show because it is situated in a very open region, attractive, with many German investments. Our main sponsor, EON Gaz, urged us to come here. And then we thought it is a very good area for our project to develop and move forward”, said Monique Gruber, President of the Association “Jungen Rumanen eine Chance!”

The Firebird had its premiere last week in Bucharest, with over 1,000 delighted people in the audience. Over 1,000 people who learned that these young people, believed not to be ready to take on life and bring value into society, are in fact ready to appear on stage and be wonderful together.


Author: Stefan Dobre