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Adevarul Sibiu, Cornel Cimpoeru, hero of The Firebird


Not once did the history show that people who made a difference had the most unexpected backgrounds. Just like flowers can grow in harsh conditions, great people, especially brilliant people, can rise from misfortune. Cornel Cimpoeru had every reason to hate people, to dislike everything that is beautiful and accept his condition as an abandoned child, living in a shelter. But he chose a different path, filled with optimism and confidence in his future. He is 19 years old, out of which ten were spent in the Gulliver Shelter in Sibiu, and he found refuge in dancing five years ago. He found a mean of expressing himself and also a passion that is painting his life in bright colors. “I did a little ballroom dancing when I was about 9 years old, but at the age of 14 I discovered a passion for it. I have been practicing break-dance since then, together with other boys, at a hall from Cisnadie. Dancing is more than a means of expression for me. When I dance, I feel free, when you dance it does not matter who you are, what you are, where you come from or how old you are”, said Cornel.

Thanks to his skills as a dancer, he joined The Firebird project, a mixture of ballet, street dancing and theatre, and he received the male leading part. “I took a few theatre lessons last year, but this is the first project I actually played a part in. Here we did community dance, a form of group dance, something between theatre and ballet. I enjoyed very much taking part in this event and I would like to participate in other projects of this kind. It meant a new step in my life, besides everything I know, I learned even more”, the young man explained. […]


Author:Jeanina Vlad