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Rondul de Sibiu, People of Sibiu, drawn to community dance


The first humanitarian dance show, that was performed Wednesday night in Sibiu, was a success. The one hundred young protagonists, from different parts of the country, some of them with disabilities, proved that dancing can work wonders. The performance was cheered for minutes on end.

The audience came in great numbers on Wednesday, the 8th of September, to the Unions’ Culture Hall, awaiting the first community dance show performed in Sibiu, “The Firebird”.  The 100 artists, out of which 15 were from Sibiu, did not disappoint the public and succeeded to deliver the emotional charge of the story. “A story about bravery, magic and freedom, combining Stravinsky’s music with the original vision of the choreographers Maldoom and Eder”, said the organizers of the project. On stage, there where children of all ages and different social backgrounds, from Bucharest, Ploiesti or Brasov. The leading parts were interpreted by two teenagers from Sibiu, Ana Veres and Coco Cimpoeru. They all trained for the performance for five weeks, six hours each day. Sibiu is the second city, after Bucharest, where “The Firebird” community dance show was performed.

The president of the County Council of Sibiu, Mr. Martin Bottesch and the mayor of Sibiu, Mr. Klaus Johannis were present in the audience.


Author: Adela Candea