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Tribuna, Standing ovations for one hundred young people


Extraordinary! This is the word that best describes the show performed Tuesday, the 8th of September, at the Unions’ Culture Hall in Sibiu. 100 young people, aged between 11-22 materialized into movement the concept of the choreographers Josef Eder and Royston Maldoom, on Igor Stravinsky’s “Firebird”. The night of the show, the theatre was completely filled, bringing together approximately 700 people who came to experience a new concept - community dance.
“The Firebird” distinguished itself by mobility and complexity. The show translated into dance the fight between good and evil, using as background a love story that defeats evil. “What amazed me the most in this project was an overwhelming feeling of pride. To be able to create something that has not yet been tried before, to teach something that has never been known”, said choreographer Josef Eder, who also underlined the talent and passion of the dancers. Fifteen of the 100 young people who got long minutes of standing ovations are from Sibiu, the others are from Brasov and Bucharest.


Author: Alexandra Chescu