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Revista 22, The Firebird


Dance is an art that emerges from movement, rhythm and intensities, using the human body as its instrument, without preconceived ideas and limitations about right and wrong on how the exterior space is used, and how the interior is revealed. Great dancers are able to deliver powerful emotions, individual technique and artistic sensitivity are melting in the air, bombing the viewer’s eye.

The Firebird is not a regular dance show. Performed on the National Theatre stage at the beginning of September, the show was the first community dance event in Romania. […]

The 45 minutes of dancing on Igor Stravinsky’s ballet music were a successful foray into a world of little giants. Dressed in simple costumes in shades of green, the young dancers managed to recreate the atmosphere of a millenary forest, a gate through which stories enter our world, and where reality is the seed for new ones. […]

The show was a triumph. The cheering and applause at the end confirmed once more that “talent” is mostly the ability to share a part of your energy, of your soul, during an honest ritual, agreed by both sides of the stage. Looking at the stage full of young people, you can’t help wondering about the consequences of that hour spent on the most important artistic stage of the country, where 3plays made history and huge artists have left their footprints, thoughts and words. […]

Art can change lives and the society from which the amateur artists come from, promoting understanding among the community that uses such instruments. […] The Firebird improves this concept, adding a strong feeling of belonging and utility, involvement and purpose, which makes the show a cultural product with social results.


Author: Ioana Moldovan