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Hotnews, The Firebird – the first community dance show in Romania


A project such The Firebird means dedication and involvement from different categories of people, from artists to sponsors. Over 90% of the project’s budget came from Romania, according to the organizers. That proves that in both the public and private field there are people with decision power who acknowledge the importance of social projects and support such initiatives, even during the economic crisis.

The President of Jungen Rumanen eine Chance! Association, Monique Gruber, wife of the former German Ambassador in Bucharest, declared Thursday during a press conference dedicated to announcing the event, that “The Firebird is part of my love story with Romania and the Romanians, it is part of my wish to keep in touch with these special people, particularly the young ones, even after my return home, to Germany. I have been thinking about how much it would mean for Romanian youngsters to live such a creative experience. I am convinced of the value of community dance in itself. I believe it represents a powerful and innovative tool against individualism and preconceptions, it gives hope to those involved, values them and encourages their creative impulse, it shows them how powerful they can be together and what extraordinary things they can accomplish if they are confident in themselves and the ones around them.