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Turnul Sfatului, The Firebird melts hearts


[...]This idea belongs to “Jungen Rumanen eine Chance!” association, which, together with If Magic Events organized the selection in the country. The young people willing to become part of the project came on their own. Many of them come from dysfunctional families or have a violent history. They are young people living in shelters, people with hearing disabilities or suffering from Down Syndrome. One thing glues them all together: none of them ever danced on a stage.
Reputed European choreographers experienced in community dance staged an event based on Igor Stravinsky’s music – The Firebird. These professionals are Royston Maldoom and Josef Eder.

Among these 100 young people, 15 are from Sibiu. They come from the Onisifor Ghibu High school and Gulliver shelter. Two of them are so talented that they were entrusted with the leading parts of the show. “Why wouldn’t they be good? It’s normal, it’s natural for every human being to wish to be good, to be beautiful, to succeed!” choreographer Josef Eder said about them. “It doesn’t matter that the children are from Romania, Bulgaria or Luxembourg”, he added.