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Monitorul de Sibiu, Community dance show


The people of Sibiu will take part today in one of the most spectacular projects of community dance. “The Firebird” will be performed today at the Unions’ Culture Hall starting with 7 PM. The event involves young people from three Romanian cities. “The project joins together 100 young people aged between 11 and 22, from Bucharest, Ploiesti, Brasov and Sibiu in an exceptional community dance performance, on Igor Stravinsky’s music” says Alexandra Arnautu, organizer of the event. The guides of the 100 young people are choreographers Royston Maldoom, Josef Eder and Irina Roncea. The latter will carry further the community dance concept in Romania.

The project brings together young untrained dancers from different social environments. “The young dancers come from both disadvantaged and wealthy families, don’t have any special skills or experience in dancing and have never met each other before”, said Monique Gruber, President of “Jungen Rumanen eine Chance!” association. At the same time, the event opens the way towards new trends, with social therapeutic value. “The Firebird opens new perspectives, not only for the arts, but also in the field of social practices in Romania”, declared choreographer Josef Eder.

The first performance of the show took place in Bucharest, on a Saturday evening. According to the organizers, it turned out to be a real success. “In Bucharest, the show ran with a fully booked theatre hall. It was a big success”, says Alexandra Arnautu. The little artists rehearsed for six weeks at the I.L. Caragiale High school in Bucharest to offer the audience a great show. The two performances in Bucharest and Sibiu were presented within the framework of “George Enescu” International Festival. The project’s budget rose up to 180,000 EUR, out of which 90% was obtained in Romania.


Author: Angela Carabasu