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LiterNet Agenda, How dreams come true – The Firebird


Marian Farcas is 8 years old, but he looks 5. Maybe 6. He raised smiles when he first appeared on the stage of the National Theatre Main Hall with a teddy bear in his arms, stepping firmly, like a grown man, up to the middle of the platform. He sat on his knees, in front of the other  characters in the play, looking straight at almost 1,000 people who came to see the first community dance show in Romania. He waited as the “Firebird”, Ana-Maria Veres (17), lifted him in her arms and carried him slowly into the backstage.

The Firebird is Monique Gruber’s dream. Monique, wife of former German Ambassador in Bucharest, has been working for two years at this project dedicated to Romanian children, with whom she has a strong connection, gathering round choreographers, sponsors, participants and volunteers.

Alexandra Arnautu, the Bucharest coordinator of the project, shared Monique’s dedication and implemented the project, the first one of this magnitude produced by her newly founded company.

Josef Eder also joined in. Appointed by the “father” of community dance, Royston Maldoom, to be the show’s choreographer, Josef says he has never worked with such a heterogeneous group ever before.

The Firebird is also a dream of the artists. Aged between 8 and 31, they came from shelters, special schools, but also highly ranked High schools in the country.

Finally, this dream of the coordinators and choreographers came true during the almost 10 minutes of standing ovations, at the end of the Saturday night show. As far as the young artists are concerned, their success on the stage of the biggest theatre in the country should give them the confidence that they can fulfill their dreams, no matter how bold.


Author:Sandra Scarlat