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Press release, The Firebird comes to Romania


On 7 April, at Athenee Palace Hilton, we lauched "The Firebird", the first community dance project in Romania, proposed by the association "Jungen Rumanen eine Chance!", founded by  Monique Gruber, the wife of the former Ambassador of Germany to Bucharest.

Community dance is addressed to people of all ages and social profiles, without any special physical capacities or previous experience in dancing. Thanks to an innovative choreographic vision and the freedom of expression stimulated by dancing, the participants succeed to achieve an amazing creative performance.

Mrs. Monique Gruber, choreographers Royston Maldoom and Josef Eder, and Pete Ayres, lighting designer, took part in the press conference. The two choreographers talked about their principles and working techniques.

"I started very late in dancing. I was a 20 years old farmer, so I have a sympathy, an understanding of what is like to come into dance without a dance background. I look upon the people work with as artists and performers, I am sympathetic of their nees and possibilities but what is important is the final artistic product. The social effects are the collateral results of the choreographic and artistic process", Royston Maldoom said.

Josef Eder declared: "I also came to dance in a community dance project. I followed a professional education afterwards, in Germany, Europe and the US. Working with people is my way of giving back the gift I got when I myself started dancing. I am glad to have the chance to repeat the Firebird project, which is the first show Royston and I actually created together."