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Project Diary, New members – the Firebird group becomes multicultural


Columbian choreographer Martha Hincapie and volunteers from Germany join the Firebird team.

Martha stood out, as a dancer and choreographer, in classical as wel as original productions, on stages in Berlin, Paris, Zagreb, Roma, Arnheim, MedellÌn, Bogota, Bucaramanga, Aachen, Essen si Wuppertal. From 2008 she dedicates herself to community dance and will travel to Romania for the first time on this occasion.

A group of teenagers from Saarbrücken, participants in a previous project coordinated by Royston Maldoom si Josef Eder come to continue this experience in Romania.

Volunteers Klaus Gruber and Iris Lopatta will stay in Bucharest with the youngsters from Brasov, Sibiu and Saarbrücken during the training period in August. Klaus and Iris will help supervising teachers to coordinate the group and organize leisure activities.

The Firebird integrates more and more dimensions of diversity, thus proving its potential to overcome the false obstacle of difference.