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Royston Maldoom

The British choreographer Royston Maldoom has been the initiator and leader of numerous dance projects all around the globe for the past 30 years. His work was especially honored by the movie Rhythm is it which received the German Lola Movie Award for best documentary film in 2005 and reached large audiences world-wide. From 1980 to 1983, he was Dance - Artist - in - Residence for Fife/Scotland. During that time he organized numerous workshops...


Josef Eder

Josef Eder is a choreographer and actor in Munich. After graduating from the Music School Domspatzen in Regensburg, he sailed around the world, before taking on agriculture and travelling through Germany as a cattle merchant. In Köln he met the dancer and choreographer James Saunders. This encounter marks the beginning of his passion for dancing, performing on stage and sharing this experience with other people...


Irina Roncea

Choreographer and ballerina, Irina Roncea graduated from Floria Capsali College of Choreography in 1988 and the University of Theatre and Film I. L. Caragiale, (Choreography section) in 1996. Together with Cosmin Manolescu, Mihai Mihalcea and Florin Fieroiu, she founded the first independent group of contemporary dance in Romania after 1989 – The Contemporary Dance Company Marginalii (The Outcasts)...


Martha Hincapié Charry

Martha studied dancing in her country, Columbia, and in Cuba. She studied dancing and media at the Folk Faculty in Essen, under the guidance of Pina Bausch. She performed at the Wuppertal Dance Theatre, at the Münster State Theatre, at the Arts House of Bochum, the Aachen Theatre and in various independent productions. Her own productions being highly appreciated...


Oana Rotariu

Oana Rotariu has dedicated herself to dancing ever since she was four years old, when she started gymnastics courses. She continued with modern and ballroom dancing. At present she is a student in the XI-th grade at the National College of Art Ion Vidu (Choreography section), in Timisoara. From 2006 she has been teaching ballroom dancing at the Alegria Club in Timisoara and, in 2008, she participated, as a dancer and choreographer...



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